NOT for the squeamish

Consider yourself warned. Close this post now if you are squeamish!

I have so many blog posts to catch up on from the holidays, but this happened tonight at bedtime and was just too classic to not post. I feel like I vaguely remember this mistake in weaning Grayson, but maybe not to this degree. I've been weaning Finley over the last few weeks, and she has been liking her whole milk (so thankful!). Tonight was the first drop of the bedtime feed, so I naturally offered her a sippy cup of milk. She was totally enjoying it and drank almost the whole thing. Only problem is that I had momentarily forgotten that at dinner with friends tonight she ate a huge meal and also drank another almost-whole sippy cup of milk. Ooops.

This is what happened when she burped as I laid her down on her changing pad. It was a volcano. Ewe. I yelled for assistance, Justin took one peek, and said he had to get the camera. But she was happy as a clam the entire time! Into the bath she went and I've never seen her belly quite so large.

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Katie said...

Ha haaaa!! That is hilarious and disgusting. Hope it didn't have anything to do with the taco meat. :)

Anne Smith said...

sweet sweet girl

Atkinson said...

oh my goodness---ewe!!!! i found myself laughing and covering my mouth at the same time!!