Happy Valentine's Day

I know, I know, a post without pictures of the kids? Crazy. These were a few shots I took around the house this week. The new Valentine's fabric wreath has made me smile many, many times over the last few weeks. Funny enough I decided to hang it on the bathroom door. 1) because that's a cool (yes I said cool) unfinished door that you can see from the front door and the hallway and 2) because with two small children and only one bathroom in the house, I knew we'd see it a lot. I think it will stay up for a while. A few small pictures of beauty that remind me of His great, great love for us.

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Me said...

millie these are beautiful! that wreath is incredible. You. are. very. talented.

Anne Smith said...

Millie, you make everything cute and festive. I love that you celebrate the seasons of life and am so thankful you are Justin's wife.