Sister Love

Now that Finley is getting bigger and more interactive by the day, the sister-love in this house is growing by leaps and bounds. One of my favorite things is how they can make each other laugh. And how they hold hands in the car. We didn't rig it on purpose but it turned out that when we put Finley forward-facing in the car, both of their "sucker" thumbs (Grayson's is her left, Finley's is her right) were on the outside near the windows. So they don't have to give up sucking their thumbs to give some love. Justin laughed the other day while he was driving us around and I asked what was so funny. He said "them holding hands" and something to the effect of that he was staring at proof of his future orthodontics bill.

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Me said...

they hold haaaannndssss!!! i cannot handle that! makes me want a little sister for H :)

Anne Smith said...

precious - they are at such fun ages