I love daffodils. They signal the promise of spring. They are the first sign of color coming back into our brown yard, and that color happens to be a bright, sunny yellow. I'm thankful that the previous owners of our house planted a few patches out in the front yard. Grayson has gotten in on the daffodil excitement this year too. When she noticed they were blooming (they are hard to miss), every time we get out of the car she runs over "to check on the flowers". When they first started peeking out yellow, Justin came home from work one day and she says with great excitement...

"Daddy!!! There is a surprise in the yard....the dandelion...it's like, crouched up, beautiful! Like, ah ah ah". Yes, dandelion instead of daffodil, crouched up beautiful (with coordinating hand motions to the ground and then jumping up to the sky) and the "ah ah ah" was very reminiscent of Ariel singing in the Little Mermaid, although Grayson has never seen the movie for the reference. Hysterical and precious, all wrapped up into one very "I'm not sure how to say this but I'm really excited about it" three year old statement. Love. It.

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Karen ("Noni") said...

Oh Grayson! I'm with you!! I totally love daffodils! You are too cute and so's your mama and your sister. ;-)