And we move again...

Tonight is the night we all sleep at the new house! The carpet was installed Saturday and Charlie and Charlie helped Justin move in all the boxes and furniture from the garage on Sunday (HUGE thank you!). We unpacked the basics on July 4th while Maymay and Peeps entertained the girls at the lake (another HUGE thank you!). Apparently we like to move on holidays as we moved out of the old house (picture below) on Memorial Day weekend. Crazy.

We are loading up our five weeks worth of things today at Toad Hall and the wild wooders are moving on. I'm sure Maymay and Peeps will be finding kid socks and toys and hidden sippy cups over here for the next year.

Things will be quiet on the blog front and busy at the house as we get internet connected, fix the wireless issue on my computer, install ceiling fans, tack up toilet paper roll holders (someone please tell me why these are so expensive), and continue to unpack the massive pile of boxes.

And the fun continues...

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Anne Smith said...

You are going to have to come back to Toad Hall to have your photo made on the front steps there.