We are still here...

Boy, this moving business is no joke. I seriously cannot believe it's almost August. Oh my.

On the family front, Grayson has now enjoyed one week of dance camp and two weeks of Vacation Bible School. Shushu has been visiting weekly to lend a hand (thank you!) and she even brought Mamaw today for her first visit to the new house. We also got a quick visit from cousins last week for lunch and a bit of playtime. They are coming back next week for more fun.

On the house front, things are coming together slowly but surely. I was out to dinner with some friends the other night, answering their questions of what we were renovating. I made the comment about Justin installing the hardwood floors, to which someone said "I didn't know he knew how to install hardwood floors?" I responded, "Oh yes...he does now". Let me tell you, he also knows a lot of other things. Like how to rip down a cabinet and completely install a microhood...during naptime. And how to knock out a wall, re-frame it, move the plumbing and electrical, and hook up the washer and dryer so we can do laundry. He also knows how to patiently hold up the curtains with and without sheers for his indecisive wife and then proceed to install all of the curtain rods for her. Did I mention he has a day job? In finances? Yes. Seriously. Mr. Fix-It is racking up major points around here.

I have been busy wrangling the kids and trying to get some nesting done. I alternate between feeling like it's looking like home, where pillows and curtains make the den come to life, versus wanting to pull my hair out. Like when I wait two weeks for curtains to arrive and the curtain rod that I had picked out a month ago doesn't reach to the advertised length that I need without falling apart. I am constantly reminding myself that (insert whatever isn't going so smoothly) doesn't matter in the big scope of things. Seriously, it's JUST curtain rods. Reminding myself to be thankful for the millions of things that really do matter and that Jesus is there to fill in the gaps when I feel like it's falling apart. I have to say that here does not feel entirely like home yet, but I know that will change.

On a cheery note, I have been swooning over some decorating blogs that I resubscribed to now that I needed some inspiration for the new space. Let me just say, there are some creative people out there. I've bookmarked about 20 projects to tackle (and plenty more to just drool over), but this was one of my favorites that I wasn't sure I could pull off without spending a fortune on letters. Check out the ABC wall pictures. But then I got the chance to stop in at our good friend's sign business today and venture downstairs to pick out a letter (or two) they had to giveaway from old signs around town. It felt like Christmas morning to this crafter. I was about to jump out of my skin I was so excited. So, if you are local and you need a sign made, go to Bravo. If you want a letter to call your own, like them on Facebook. And yes, as many of you already know, I don't do Facebook (gasp), but Justin halfway does (he at least has a page even if he will never respond to your friend request--gasp again), so he was my "in". Thank you for the letters Matt! More pictures to come when they make it up on our walls. For now, enjoy the family pictures--

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Heather said...

i saw that same letter project on another blog - I can't wait to start collecting letters! we are S..L..O..W..L..Y finishing our third floor - i'll have a whole new playroom to decorate. can't wait! good luck with the nesting - it will come together soon.

Anne Smith said...

Can I say that you and Justin get more stuff done at home and work than the next 10 people I know & with happy hearts. I love you - so happy God had you picked out for Justin.