The Monster Under Your Bed

In the car tonight on our way from dinner back to the house to have birthday cake:
Grayson, singing her own creation of a "scary song" in her best spooky voice:

"There is a green monster under your bed...
He is going to eat all your cake...
And blow out all your candles...
And there is not going to be any cake left for you!"

"Isn't that a scary song?" she says.

Yes sweetheart. It would be scary for the monster to eat all my birthday cake. Lucky for me, and lucky for you, he didn't. Shout out to Maymay for the yum-o-licious Dreamsicle cake from Maxie B's. Monsters beware.

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Anne Smith said...

It was SO much fun to celebrate Millie!! We love you - we couldn't have a better daughter in law. G is SO funny :))

Mandy said...

Yay Millie! Another year older! Happy Birthday friend! I have fond memories of our birthday's when we were growing up!!!
**Our life is a bit crazy itself.... whose isn't with kids? But I did want to let you know that I thought about you on 2/9!