Where has all the blogging gone

Let's see...after Christmas I battled a sinus infection that took about 4 weeks to completely clear up. Finley turned 2, we finally got to go see Mamaw to celebrate Christmas a little late, I went away on a girls' weekend, Justin and I went away on my birthday celebration weekend (a little early), and somewhere in there we've all had colds again and Finley had the throw up bug. Good times.

So January flew by and February has arrived. I feel like I mostly spend my time trying to make sure we all have clean clothes, food on the table, and no one is getting into anything that is too dangerous. Case in point: I tried to corral the massive amount of laundry this morning and left the kids mildly unattended. Within 30 minutes, Finley had sneaked out marshmallows from the pantry, then a bag of raisins, poured water all over herself, rummaged through my make up, and touched the Kindle so many times before I caught her that it started buzzing. The laundry is still in piles in the hallway.

Apparently she turned 2 and the craziness started. That child is into everything. Unless I have amnesia (which I admit is entirely possible), I just don't remember Grayson reaching and grabbing and climbing and getting into as much stuff as Finley does now. We are all working on "a soft answer turns away wrath" as Grayson and I both usually just want to (do) scream "Ahhh! Finley!! Put that down! You're not supposed to do that!" She is a funny one though. When I talk to her about being naughty, she ever-so-sweetly interrupts and says "Mama, Mama, Mama" (until I say "yes?") and then she just puckers up and kisses. Kisses. With those big blue eyes. Yep, she's learning how to work the system at an early age.

The man is not pictured here because he was behind the camera, but if he was, it would confirm that Finley is still my child, even though we look nothing alike. She just happens to really favor her daddy.

Grayson, on the other hand, looks so much like I did as a child that our own friends get pictures mixed up around the house and can't tell who is who. Grayson these days is mostly just begging for someone to please teach her to read. She is starting to sound out words and would really let me read books to her all day long if there wasn't laundry, cooking, and 2-year-old-wrangling to take care of. We took a Little House on the Prairie break and read a few other chapter books in between but now we are on to The Long Winter. I thought that would be all seasonally-appropriate for winter time with snow and such, but we have been having 60 degree days around here and no snow in sight. So much for the $7 snow bibs I found on clearance (and bought every size in) at Target. At least they are both now set for next season as well.
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Heather said...

It's not amnesia, Finley has Second Child Syndrome! Just like my second son, Justin. Travis (boy #1) was calm and well behaved, even as a toddler. I'd ask him not to touch something and he wouldn't. But Boy #2 is into EVERYTHING, no matter how many hundred times I ask him not to. Climbing on and over gates/furniture, unplugging things, pulling pictures off the wall, touching/moving everything, opening every drawer/door/cabinet etc.

If these kids came first, there might not be second kids!