New York: Trip in Review

Thanks to Justin wanting to get up to Schenectady to visit some clients for work, plus a huge thanks to ShuShu for being willing to watch the girls for almost five days, we got to take a little getaway trip to New York. Here are a few posts about our trip in review...

Thursday we flew into Laguardia. It was right about dinner time, so we had the recommendation to go to Astoria in Queens for Greek food (good friends with good recommendations was key for our trip, thank you to all!). The Greek salad pictured below was unbelievably good. It was definitely the best feta cheese I have ever tasted. I am still raving about this salad. The view from Astoria park was also a beautiful surprise. We then road tripped in the rental car up to Albany and spent two nights there in a great hotel.

Justin had meetings on Friday so I had a full day to myself of no one needing me. It was glorious. I slept in, read, ate quiet meals, went for a run, and took my sweet time showering and getting ready for dinner. It was a good way to unwind before we hit the city running the next day.

Friday afternoon we visited friends at their house and got to meet their two precious girls (reminding us much of our own two at home!) and then they took us to a wonderful Italian restaurant in Saratoga for dinner that night. No pictures of Saratoga but here is one of us ready for dinner. I took more pictures of just the two of us this weekend than I have taken all year! We did run into Walgreens for some hot packs for a sore neck of mine on the way back to the hotel. I was chatting briefly with the check-out girl about the candy bars she was trying to convince me to buy on sale and she stopped me mid-sentence and said "wait, where are you from?". I told her. She then said "I knew I heard the twang!" Busted. And here I thought my Southern accent wasn't that strong, ya'll. ;)

Saturday morning we woke up early and drove down to the city. After we checked into the hotel we walked as fast as we could down to Nederlander Theater to get in line for the lottery for Newsies. It was a total gift from the Lord when Justin's name got called. Only $30 per ticket, compared to well over $100 each if we had pre-paid ahead of time. They called about 12 names from a drawing of about 100 people. We also sat 4th row, so close that we could see their spit when they were singing and talking. It was soooo much fun! I highly recommend the show. I found out later I was not supposed to take any pics in the theater. Whoops. Busted again. Tourist. At least I knew to not take pictures or videos of the actual show.

The pics below are more from Saturday...driving into the city (welcome to expensive toll roads), eating more yummy food (how in the world do so many restaurants survive in this city?...there were waayy too many choices), seeing all that is Times Square, a view of Central Park, fun "wall art" made out of ceramic bowls in our dinner restaurant.

So Saturday we had lunch (pizza and salad), went to the show, had dinner (asian fusion), then walked all around midtown and along the southern end of central park (not inside the park, too hot and we were already a good walk from our hotel). More to come...we squeezed a lot into the 48-ish hours we were there!
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