NYC Day 3

We woke up early again, groaning from how sore we were from all the walking (guess we are getting old?!), checked out of the hotel (picture below from our 11th floor hotel room), and hit the streets again. I knew going into the trip that I wanted to see the garment/fashion district, so I did a little research on the best fabric stores. It was amazing and Justin won husband of the year for fabric and ribbon shopping with me.

Below are some photos, mainly from two stores. We went in a few others but these two were my top favorites. There are literally fabric shops all over the place, but some felt like the fabric bolts were going to fall over onto us as we walked the barely-there isles. Or they smelled like moth balls. Ewe. But these two pictured below were amazing. Their stock was unbelievable.

Below are two of my favorite photographs. Funny enough these were both photos of only one small section in each store. Fashion and interior designers were shopping since it was a Monday, so I tried my best to look like I knew what I was doing as I discreetly snapped photos on my iPhone. I am sure I looked like a total tourist as I stared googly-eyed over the choices.

Below is the stash I ended up purchasing to take home for various projects. A few of those were from Purl Soho on day two.

We grabbed sushi for lunch in the garment district and then walked down to 34th street to take a peek at Macy's. They were under some construction apparently so it was a bit walled-off inside for my taste. I had also spent all of my energy shopping for fabric so clothes shopping was not too appealing at this point. I had the same feelings when we peeked in the H&M. We did stop by an Old Navy flagship store across the street and I bought some inexpensive, fun jewelry there, especially since Old Navy's at home don't have jewelry sections. 

We took the subway back to the hotel, grabbed our bags, then took a (crazy) cab ride back to Laguardia. I posted this shot below to Instagram of the clouds on the flight back home. They were beautiful.

So, all in all, we had such a fun trip. It was fun to get away just the two of us for a good chunk of time (thanks again ShuShu for watching the girls!), and it was fun to experience the city. We were also thankful to fly home to green grass, lots of trees, a few less people around, and two sweet girls running at us squealing in the airport.
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Anne Smith said...

i loved reading all about it. i'm so glad you took the time to record the little things that made the trip fun.

johnathan and ali said...

so cute. i would love your full-sized images of your two fav shots in the fabric store, if you'd please share! glad you had some sweet date time!!! love you guys... ali