Interior: After. The main floor.

(the front door & foyer)

Grammashu and the awesome mom she is, took the girls for the day to visit Great-Mamaw in Raleigh. I've already emptied the laundry basket and my email inbox, so now I'm getting to things on my list that I never thought would happen before Everett was born. Enter the flurry of blog posts.

We have a variety of "after" pictures of this house, some more in progress on projects than others. So I thought I'd just put together a little house tour in the next few posts before baby updates start taking over tomorrow.

Before we moved in two years ago, we did major things like replace the flooring (Justin laid the hardwoods himself!), put new carpet upstairs, and hired wonderful painters to strip all the wallpaper & popcorn ceilings and paint every wall, trim, cabinet and door surface (brown be gone!). Then, as we've lived here, we've tackled other projects.

(the "formal" living room)

(new windows with new blinds!)

(the dining room...looks like cinderella lost her slipper and her mama could not bend down at 40 weeks pregnant to pick it up before she took the picture this morning)

(the kitchen)

This house is technically a split level, so these rooms are all on the main floor when you walk in the front door.
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