The First 24 Hours

Last week we watched the Emmy's because Millie is a closet "Pretty People on the Big Screen" stalker (if anyone wants to get her a baby present, she would devour both Maxy B's frozen yogurt and/or a People, US, or other gossip filled magazine.) Anyways, speaking of the first 24 hours; we saw Keifer Southerland (Jack Bauer) and the (then unknown gender) baby starts kicking like crazy. I figured it was because it was a boy and he was hoping Jack Bauer would start shooting people's kneecaps. Millie figured it was more likely that the baby was a girl and has the same crush on Jack Bauer as her mother has ("Not Keifer, just Jack Bauer . . . you understand" - direct quote from Millie). Anyways; I guess she wins.

Speaking of winning. Mil and I bet on 5 catagories a couple of months ago to see who would get to spend the jar of change in our bedroom on the discretionary activity of his/her choosing (golf or spa). Catgories were: height, weight, date of birth, time of birth, sex. We tied on height, Mil won weight, and I won the rest. But if you think I could go play golf with a clear conscience while my wife stays home with a crying baby all because I had the lucky guess as to how soon she would go into excrusiating pain and major surgery . . . well you're wrong. I'm giving up my 'rights to golf' for 'rights to live guilt free'.

We got to sleep a fair amount last night. Grayson sleep in the nursery from 3-5am to give us a chance to sleep worry-free. Mil's eating real food now. Still in a lot of pain when she gets up for the occasional walk to the bathroom and down the hall. Grayson got to have some really special time with Jon (mil's dad):

Susan (mil's mom):

George (susan's husband):

maymay (my mom):

and peeps (my dad):

She also saw an assortment of friends, Sassers:

Mike Fowler:


Whitney and Ollie Hannam and Brian and Anna May (not pictured . . . oops, my bad)

Highlights today: Mil walked down the hall, we had some Maxy B's frozen yogurt, breastfeeding went really well, we both got to take a showers, this

and this

Lowlight today: I changed my fourth diaper today and Grayson cried for a total of 20 seconds for only one of the changes, the rest she just grunted. It's a 'lowlight' just like if you unloaded the dishwasher your first four times and didn't break a plate . . . guess who gets to unload it the next time? Just kidding. I'm a pro now and enjoy every minute of it.

Tonight I told Grayson the same thing my dad told me everynight when he tucked me into bed: "Grayson, I wouldn't trade you for a truckload of dead rats." (In case you were wondering, version B was always "If I had two dead rats, I'd give you one")


Bunnie said...

Justin and Millie,
You are precious parents. We are blessed to be able to see it up close. Love, MayMay

johnathan and ali said...

i love it! i totally remember dad saying that about rats! AAHHH!!

kelly said...

it was great to see you ALL today! grayson is beautiful and ya'll don't look half bad yourselves (especially after that run-in with the mac truck). charlie's answer to my question, "Who do you think she looks more like--Justin or Millie?" was "Umm...Suri Cruise." Maddie is very excited to have another bff!