Vulcan Neck Pinch

We've had the Smart Start nurse come by the house Wednesday. Gray weighed 8lbs 7ozs meaning she put on another 4ozs in 2 days. Whoa. (Note the Milk face)

About the same time we started to notice that Grayson had some congestion (I was feeling sick in the hospital and must have passed it on. Whoops). The doc said to elevate her bed and irrigate her nose. We've got two thermometers now so I took Mil's labeler so we wouldn't have any confusion.

We got some saline solution to irrigate her nose; we then suck everything back out with a bulb syringe. Grayson wants too sleep so bad but she just can't do it until her nose is clear.

So last night I was up trying to suction out her nose; she was crying and flailing her arms and legs about. I tried and tried to clear her nose and even though she usually welcomes our help draining her nose by keeping her head really still, this time she flailed about knocking my hands out of the way. I finally got a good suction and literally within 1 second she was asleep. Quicker than the Vulcan Neck Pinch.

Highlight of the Week: Date night with my two girls. We watched Grey's Anatomy and I gave Grayson a manicure. Fun times.

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