Babies and Toddlers

Grayson is super excited that our friends the Boones have moved to town (and we are too!). Baby John is checking her out here, wondering what this squealing little girl is doing in his new house.

Anna Cate and Maddie turned one this weekend (Anna Saturday & Madison Sunday). They had a big birthday bash at the park. It's tricky to catch photographs of all the babies and toddlers together since most are on the move, but here are a few. And I'd like to report that Grayson's current bout with "stranger danger" dissappeared at this party (thankfully!) as she let Anna and Brian May play with her the whole time.

The pictures don't do the dresses justice, but I'd like to give a shout out to the mamas that picked them out. Maddie's was solid purple, Anna's was purple gingham. Both had bows at the shoulders, cupcakes on the front with one candle, and their names monogrammed underneath. It doesn't get much cuter.

When we got home, I had to capture Justin and Grayson in their matching green shirts. Justin hates to match. I kind of like it, at least coordinating. If we accidentally put on similar colors, he immediately has to change before we go out. But I think he secretly enjoyed matching Grayson that day.
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charlie said...

that's why I always carry a different shirt in my truck--in case kelly comes out matching!!

kelly said...

how did i know charlie would comment on this?!

mil, the dress lady's website is: www.angelamae.com