Play Dates

If I took the time to scan in some childhood pictures, they would include ones of Kelly and I playing together. I'm remembering one in particular of us sitting on her front porch playing with horses or something, with our outfits straight out of the 80's with teal, bright green, and hot pink. And she also had this rad Nintendo Power Pad that we loved (yeah, I said rad). Fast forward to high school, and I could scan in pictures of us and Amy too. More high school-ish play dates like basketball and football games and slumber parties. So it's hard to believe that we all have our own little ones now. We met together today for a play date here in the 'boro...

Amy's son John and Kelly's daughter Kyler. Kyler got tickled that she could pull off John's sock. She had the sweetest spirit though, and decided quickly that she should return the sock to it's rightful owner.

Amy with John, Kelly with Kyler.

Grayson trying to steal Kyler's shoe (what can I say, the girl loves shoes). I didn't upload it, but there is another pic where Grayson is reaching over Kyler's shoulder to steal a toy. Funny thing is, Kyler gave Grayson her other shoe that was already off, and then attempted to take this one off as well for Grayson when she started to reach for it. Kyler could teach Grayson a thing or two about sharing.

Me and Grayson, Amy and John.
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