Will it Play?

Grayson's new favorite game is what Justin calls "will it play?". It all started with these cups. A few weeks ago, Justin gave her a cup to hold in each hand and taught her to "play the cups" by banging them together. Now she can sit up on her own, grab the cups on her own, and go to town. But the funny thing is, everything she picks up, she wonders "will it play?" Cups play. Rattles play. Even hairbrushes play, especially against the wall next to her changing table. Blankies do not play. And my favorite, the first time we served her puffs snacks, she picked one up in each hand and started "banging" them together. Puffs, unfortunately, do not play.

The hair continues to grow. Still a bald spot in the back, but down over her eyes in the front. Clips are a daily thing these days.

And the teeth continue to grow as well. She's got five now with two more just about to pop through. (and a side note shout out to my friend Melissa for the yard sale tips, $5 on this exersaucer, what!? can't beat it!)

Other fun activities these days include...rolling all over the place, finding tags on toys in less than 10 seconds to chew, waving to the "baby" in the mirror, playing pattycake if you sing it, or "clapping" (her hands don't quite meet yet) if you say "yay!" and clap yourself, finding your ear when you burp her and laughing, looking for people "hiding" around corners, snuggling with her sleep sack like a woobi, and smiling when I call daddy to her room at night to tuck her into bed. Almost eight months old!
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melanie said...

Hey Grayson,
Brookie has the same exersaucer...have you figured out yet that the toys pop off if you pull hard enough?

melissa said...

SO glad you found that!!! what a great deal! glad the tips helped! let me know what other treasures you find!