"Happy Five Years We've Been Married"

I found a deal on a condo on Bald Head Island and so I took the girls for a long weekend. We had a blast; pictures below.

Top Ten List:
1) Golf cart rides
2) Watching our wedding video for the first time
3) Eating a 'steamer pot' dinner outside on the harbor
4) Grayson learning to laugh when we laugh
5) Praying together
6) Grayson being a model citizen (sleeping really well in the condo and in her big girl seat in the car)
7) Drinking coffee out of a mug that said "MurrayMan" (like SuperMan)
8) Saying "no touch" 100 times to Grayson - wait, wrong list.
9) Smoking Cheap Cigars
10) Coming home

Happy five years we've been married, Millie. I wouldn't trade you for a truckload of dead rats.


Bunnie said...

Justin - this is so so cute.

charlie said...

nice nc state shirt...awesome remax boat--i'm switching careers. my word verification below is tricky jjvyvwmh

kelly said...

looks like ya'll had a fun trip! love the slide show!