A Public Service Announcement

Do not, under any circumstances, mix vinegar and bleach.

Not even if you are cleaning your dishwasher
. . . of mold and mildew
. . . due to it being installed incorrectly,
. . . and you've had a long day at work
. . . and you just bathed your baby and your dog in the same night
. . . and you think some site on the internet told you it was ok
. . . and the results are just great, I mean, like 'brand new dishwasher great'.

All of the above seem like good reasons to use the deadly combo and/or reasons that your sins of using the deadly combo should be absolved, but they're not.

Mr. Yuk says don't do it. Unless you want scare your wife and have to call 1-800-222-1222, like the sticker says.

Don't worry, 'Tammy' at Carolina Poison Control was very helpful and said we're all ok. Ooops. And Millie made me promise not to kill us all with chlorine gas ever again. Double oops.
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jonathan smith said...

whenever i did this, as a kid, i remember i the mixture just created this huge foaming thing, like a fire extinguisher. if there were any chlorine gas fumes, i probably just told my mother, "i don't inhale." when i couldn't get the mixture to "blow up" i think i moved on to the carbide cannon (see link below)

jonathan smith said...

carbide cannon