Long Lost Hubby

Justin here - Millie's long lost hubby.

I've been studying for level three of the CFA exam (article here) for the last five months, and pretty must non-stop for April, May, and June. The public library parking garage guy knows my name and wishes me luck (Thanks Albert!)

If you get a chance, you can pray for me on Saturday (9am-12pm, 2pm-5pm) and I gather with 12,000 other nerds across the world to take level 3 with my:
  • 5 pencils (4 backups),
  • 2 calculators (1 backup),
  • 1 pencil sharpener (no backup!?!?),
  • 2 pens (1 backup),
  • 2 erasers (1 backup),
  • 2 sets of ear plugs (1 backup),
  • immodium ad (to back me up - sorry, coarse joking!),
  • 2 forms of proper identification (1 backup),
  • 5 exam admissions tickets (4 backups), and
  • 400 hours worth of studying swirling in my head.


Mil's been great this whole time. Constantly encouraging. Mostly saying "you'll do great Hoost" whenever I take a big breath and my arm starts to twitch. And she reminds me that the world won't, in fact, stop spinning if I don't pass. She's "surpasses them all" on a daily basis.

If I pass (and don't have to wait a year to re-take it next June) I'll break into a chorus of "I'm Bringin' Springtime Back" to the tune of "Bringin' Sexy Back"

Of course that will have to wait till late August when they release the results. ugh.

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peeps said...

Justin, it's not 12,000 other nerds from across the world, it's 23,685 new candidates in the U.S. alone and 119,000 Investment Professionals representing 86 countries!

Now don't sweat it that you dropped a couple of significant digits when you read 119,000 and wrote down 12,000, Your eyes were just tired from another long day of studying...But hey, what's wrong with throwing in a couple of pairs of reading specs? I've got a couple you can use, you know, the ones with the magic formula magnification!

Seriously, J, if I could Pick Just One of the 119,000 worldwide candidates I'd pick you. Did you know that only one person out of every 66,000 people world wide will be taking this test on Saturday?

Your attitude, perserverance, professionalism, and study habits have been nothing short of exemplary (I've never seen anything like it) during these three years of preparation, and at the same time, you've loved Millie and Grayson well, loved Christ and your brothers, and still given 100% to your job. I'm sure glad I'm on your team, and know three others who feel the same way.

I know you think everything in life is either a competition or a science experiment, but here's another easy to remember 'fact of life' that I know you know: that the test you're taking Saturday? It's nothing more than a gussied up, new-fangled version of one basic, easy to remember, time-tested, never lied yet formula, yep, you got it, it's D = R x T.

I love you so much and I'm so proud of you.


p.s. I'll give you give me a nickel for your wrong answers, I'll give you a quarter for your right ones...Oh, on this on Saturday and on every day, remember to have fun...