baby it's cold outside

at gap kids trying on hats. seriously, who buys this for their kid. no offense.


melissa said...

now you know, i'm trying to keep myself from singing Christmas music until after thanksgiving!! as cute as she is in that sweet trendy hat, now i'll have that song (which btw is one of my fav Christmas songs mind you) in my head, dying to give into the urge to go ahead with Christmas music! i can't...i have to celebrate Thanksgiving FIRST!

wpotts said...

cool hat.. do they have that hat in a size adult very large head?
I can hear the nostalgic russian music playing off in the background, makes me want to do my squating kick dance, but I'm afraid of tearing something else in my knees.

kelly said...

thanks a lot, justin. we actually just bought maddie that hat last weekend.