Because I married a funny man...

about once a year we are invited to a Young Life camp so he and some other funny friends can entertain some high school kids. I say "we" when he's really the one invited and Grayson and I just get to tag along for the fun. He's funny. Seriously funny. This is about the fourth or fifth run of this "program" where the guys are McDonalds workers who want to be on America's Got Talent. They sing funny songs. Real songs with funny, McDonald-ish lyrics. Like for the chorus of "Hero", they sing "I can take your order baby, would you like some fries with that, I can su-per-size that for you, only for thirty-nine more cents" in their best Enrique voice. Did I mention it was funny? Someone asked me this weekend, "does he sing at home?" I think they expected me to say no, but because he's funny like that, I got to say yes.

Here we are in November of last year at camp...Grayson was only 2 months old.

And this year...

We got some great Christmas card photos too...I'll post the out takes of those later.
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