Happy Birthday Weekend Review

(long post alert! got a little long-winded while watching Cold Case, my bad.)

For my birthday, Millie wanted to take me away for a weekend. We decided on Asheville for the people-watching, city-walking, and food-eating; it ranked highly on all metrics.

Friday night, we dropped Grayson off at my parents' house, where she had her own adventures.

Saturday morning we drove up (Mil had a great car-nap) and got to Asheville in time for breakfast at Tupelo Honey. It was a great little place, I had free range biscuits and gravy, bacon, and eggs and Mil had a salad with chicken. We did some walking and shopping; Mil tried on a $500 pair of cowboy boots that were on a 'clearance' rack (what!). No intention to buy (duh), but just wanted to see what all of the fuss was about.

After we walked all around we checked in at our hotel. We've stayed at a few B&B's and Hampton Inn's in our days, but since we're on a budget (and since it was my birthday) we stayed at the illustrious Red Roof Inn - West Asheville. If you ignored the standard silk/polyester top blanket, the room was great.

For dinner we went to The Corner Kitchen. Mil found a $25 off $35 coupon for $2! Awesome. So we lived it up: I got a NY Strip and a Three Philosophers beer (might be the best beer I've ever had) and Mil had the pecan encrusted trout. Mmm.

After dinner, we caught a movie. I know, it goes against the whole "if-you-can-do-it-in-town-don't-do-it-on-vacation" thing, but we haven't seen one in ages. We saw Secret Life of Bees, a book Mil had read and I never really heard of. Long story short: it was great. Not just a chick-flick. After the movie, we grabbed dessert at French Broad Chocolate Lounge. Mil had the Lavender Creme Brulee and I had the Maple Butter Cake. We split a french press of decaf and just kicked it. Fun times.

Sunday morning, I let Mil slept in (along with the help of Daylight Savings Time) and we caught breakfast at Sunny Point Cafe. Mil got the jam and cream cheese stuffed french toast and I got the MGB (Mighty Good Breakfast).

We stopped in to see my sister and our niece and nephew, exchange some baby gear, and were back on our way. We hit up some more shops (we went in most of the ones that weren't burning incense) and then grabbed lunch at Doc Chey's Noodle House and split some Edamame, Basil Rolls, and some Pad Thai. Again with the Mmm.

The weekend was great. We saw more Subarus, Obama stickers, tattoos and iPhones than I ever thought possible. The people-watching was great too; Mil always got the seat that faced the most people so she could figure out their story. If anyone knows where you can buy some cheap cowboy boots, just let me know.

ps: millie says to stay tuned for halloween shots of pookie and her friends...


Amy Sasser said...

So glad you all were able to get away. Sounds like you all had a fun-filled weekend as did Grayson. Mil, hoping you got some better shots of all our children in costumes because I surely did not.

Atkinson said...

so fun!!! so excited that you guys were able to hang out together and eat some yummy food! can't wait to see your pics..i second amy in the fact that mine didn't turn out very well either:)