Pool Friends

A pool in town ran a ridiculously good deal on membership back in March, so we decided to join along with a few friends. John is missing from this photograph, but I finally got a picture of at least the majority of the crew. Left to right: Ollie, Anna Cate, Mac and Grayson, all one or two years old. It has been so much fun this summer. Grayson frequently says "go pool?", then "cups" soon follows because her favorite activity is to stand by the side of the baby pool and pour water in and out of cups and watering cans.

Here's Grayson and her BFF Anna Cate. Anna is four months older but Grayson is catching up to her on height. These girls love each other in a big way.

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Atkinson said...

they are all so cute!!

Amy Sasser said...
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Amy Sasser said...

I am pretty sure that Grayson has passed Anna in height over the last week or so. They do love each other. It blesses me to watch them interact and to hear them talk about each other when they are not together!

Anne Smith said...

i am so glad you are back online : ) i have really missed your posts ----love - maymay