This big girl...

...is going to be a big sister! Little peanut is set to arrive January 9th.

Typical conversation these days:
Justin: "Grayson, do you want a sister or a brother?"
Grayson: "brother"
Justin: "Do you want a brother or a sister?"
Grayson: "sister"

Life expecting #2 is a bit more busy than life expecting #1 where I sat at a desk most of the day, but I've felt much better now that the first trimester is a few weeks past. We still have rough days though, like yesterday. Let's just say it was a bit challenging to train and discipline an almost 2-year-old while feeling exhausted. We did have this brief shining moment:

I threw dirty clothes down on the floor in front of the washing machine (we have stacked front loaders, wash is on the bottom, dry is on the top). Grayson was sitting there and I asked her to help me stuff things in. She picked up two items and put them in. I finished up loading the masses and as I was bent over, she came over, patted me on the back a few times and said "good job mama". I laughed out loud.

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Atkinson said...

yay! we are so excited about baby smith #2! those pics of grayson are precious....good job mama!

Mandy said...

Millie!!! Exciting! Exciting! Congrats!! Grayson will have a wonderful playmate!!!

Keep us posted on how the pregnancy goes!!

justin smith said...

we're really pregnant?!?!?!

I thought you were kidding!