Things I taught her

Apparently, I inadvertently taught Grayson to say "um".

How its used in sentences lately:
"This is ummm (big pause), mag-i-no-yas (for magnolia buds we collected),"
"This is ummm (another big pause), harmonica (as pictured above)."

Justin jokingly pointed it out that she picked it up from me. I told him he'd be saying "umm" too if he had to answer all of the questions I was asked all day. Especially with my pregnancy-brain (lack there of), it takes me a while to think of words for things. And if I just pause while I'm thinking, without a word to fill the space, Grayson loses patience and starts repeating the question over and over again (eek). I just told him neither of us will be working on a public presentation anytime soon where "um" might be a problem.

Also big in her language use right now is using the word "not".
I was dressing her the other day and she said "pants" to which I said yes, pants. Then she adamantly clarified "mama, not pants, these capris". Oh, I'm sorry. Yes, these are capris.
Other examples include:
"Not cucumber, this zucchini."
"Not motocykees, this bicycle."

And just to add on to the last post....I vacuumed up a broken glass the other day and walked down the hall to put the vacuum away. She ran behind me, patted me on the behind, and said "good job mama". Sweet, but while we're on the subject of the broken glass, let's not talk about how I have also inadvertently taught her to say "shoot" too. Whoops. Working on correcting that one.
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Mandy said...

Questions and answers. It.never.stops!

Anne Smith said...

um - ya'll are cute as you can be - i am so thankful for you