Jesse Tree

I referenced it in an earlier post but Grayson really got into our new Jesse Tree tradition this year. This is the blog that I pulled information on how to do it. I found most of our ornaments at local craft stores already painted and everything, made a couple myself, and then had my handy husband drill holes in them so we could add ribbon for hanging.

After we read the Bible story each night and selected the corresponding ornament ("wornament" according to her), she especially enjoyed climbing daddy's back to have him "help" her hang it on the tree.

Then it just turned into a huge wrestle/tickle/climbing session before bed each night.

If you look closely you can see Justin and Grayson putting out our luminaries in the bottom picture one evening.

One of my favorite Jesse Tree conversations:
(we're reading about Noah and the ark, one of Grayson's most favorite stories since it involves animals...her Jesus Storybook Bible has this incredible illustration of about 20 plus animals drawn into the ark on this one page that she just adores)
Me: "Gray, what did God tell Noah to make?" (ok, sure, the question is a bit vague, but I think I did preface it with a "we're talking about Noah and all the animals tonight" statement)
Grayson: (very matter of factly) "cupcakes"

Side note: we are still waiting on baby sister. Soon enough the blog will be taken over by updates on her arrival, but for now, at least I've got a little time to catch up on posts of our fun Christmas.
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