Baby Harper

No, she's not ours. But she sure is precious and I didn't want to forget to blog about her before our new little one makes her own appearance.

College roomies, even going back to highschool days and dear, dear friends...4 out of the 5 of us got together to meet and greet the new baby addition (we missed you Krista!). We all now have one child, two of us have another one on the way. Once those two arrive, it will be 4 girls to 3 boys. Girls rule.

Sweet baby Harper. All babies have to have "baby" in front of their name according to Grayson. We better make sure "baby" sister's name actually goes ok with "baby" in front.

Baby Harper and baby sister will actually be only about 3 months apart. Which means they could grow up and play volleyball together like how their mama's met. And become BFFs. Or at least that's what we're planning on. They won't have much say in it themselves.
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