Christmas Time

With baby sister's holiday-ish due date, we jumped right into Christmas decorations Thanksgiving weekend. We kept things simple this year and it's been fun to watch Grayson really enjoy it all more. She talks about "baby Jesus being born" and is totally into our new tradition, the Jesse Tree. More on that in a later post.

Checking out the animals from the nativity set. Anything with animals is a big hit right now.

Helping daddy with the lights.

Reluctant to let daddy lift her to the top of the tree to put the star on. For the record, the guy at Lowes told us this tree should last for 40 days from purchase date. I'm not sold. It's not brown or anything yet but the needles drop off every time I go to plug in the lights. I keep telling it to last just a little longer.

After dinner one night Justin and I were talking at the table and overheard Grayson saying "want my woobie baby Jesus?" Of course we ran to get the camera. That's the beloved woobie laying at the foot of the stable. Sweet girl. The question that followed was "you have holes baby Jesus?" Her woobie has two holes at the ends where she gives it lots of love. I think she wanted to make sure Jesus' version was just as well-taken care of.
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Kristin said...

She is so sweet...what a touching gesture to baby Jesus.