The countdown...

We load the truck Monday. Today is Wednesday. Oh my.

This is the view that greets you when you walk in our front door. Real life Jenga puzzle. Or Tetris. Take your pick.

Moving takes A LOT of cardboard. And tape. One week ago I would say that I hated packing tape. Yes, hate. It's a strong word and it was how I felt. Then I came across "Duck, EZ Start" tape at the store. I scoffed at it, mocking me with it's slogan "First time, every time. Frustration Free! No splitting or tearing. Never lose the tape end. Always unrolls "Smooth and Easy"." Yeah right. I bought it because it was less expensive than the name brand I knew but more than the off brand that I never wanted to see again. Middle ground is usually good and it's slogan sort of read my mind on my current frustrations with packing tape. Let's just say it lives up to it's name and I no longer look at packing tape with great disdain. It might not hold our boxes closed for life but I only need it to last about 1 month until we get these unpacked.

It's the little things in the moving process. Like finding that you did remember to keep out the camera cord to upload pictures. Unlike the Children's Tylenol that you packed up knowing that your in-laws had their own bottle (where we are staying next) but not thinking that your child might come down with a fever this week. Yep, she did. Yep, she's fine now. I bought more Tylenol the same day I bought the glorious packing tape.

Today, it is hot. Middle-of-summer-hot. With the frames off the walls, the rugs rolled up, and just about every toy packed away in boxes that are now surrounding us, I asked Justin to dig out the sprinkler from an already-packed box. Grayson was thrilled. Finley was not. First spray of cold water and she chose to sit beside me and watch. All of us were glad to take a break from the cardboard and tape.

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justin smith said...

you make some cute babies.