Family Camp 2011

I could write five blog posts about all the fun we had at Windy Gap for Family Camp this year. But I'll keep the text short and include lots of pictures. Click on the collage below to enlarge it to see more of the fun. Justin, Charlie and Jeff were the funny guys who got to play dress up and make us all laugh. We got to spend some sweet time with the families of dear friends. Maymay and Peeps came to help out with Finley so I could be with Grayson while Justin was off being funny. Grayson was, quite literally, about to jump out of her skin all weekend long she was so excited to be there. There is just nothing like it. Windy Gap is a fun place even for three year olds. She has been there before, but this was the first time where she really began to understand all of the fun involved. It was such a sweet time as a family!
The pictures below were taken on Sunday as I was walking with Maddie and Grayson back to the cabin to get ready to pack and leave. They were holding hands and chit-chatting, which was cute enough, but then I heard this out of the blue:

Grayson: "Maddie, I love you".
Maddie: "I love you too Grayson."

I just about melted into a puddle on the concrete. I looked back at them and said "I could just eat you both up you are so cute". Grayson then turned to Maddie and made our "eating" sound that we do when we say that in our house. Hilarious. It sounds sort of cookie-monster-ish when he eats up his treats. Maddie giggled. Such sweet girls. Such sweet Windy Gap memories that I hope are just a few of the many yet to come for them.

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