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Over the past few months, we frequently loaded the kids up in the car after dinner and drove around to look at neighborhoods. We have lived in this town for six years, but still weren't exactly sure where we wanted to live next. Our outings often involved ice cream from Chick-fil-a or McDonald's to make the car ride a little more appealing. One night we were driving around, and Grayson said "I see a house for sale!" We said, "Really, where?" (she had learned to look for sale signs in yards by this point). She replies "I saw it on amazon". Yes, our three year old was referring to amazon.com. We order books and diapers on amazon, so I guess she had overheard us many times saying we needed to buy something from the site. Hilarious that she thought we could buy a house there too. If only it was as easy as a mouse-click.

And because posts are not as fun without pictures...here is a shot of the back of the house from the back deck. Yes, that is a balcony. What happened to the supports? Not sure. There is sliding glass door in the master bedroom that will be replaced with a permanent wall and windows. The balcony will be removed. Did I mention there were a few things to renovate?!
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