Week 3 highlights of sweet Gray's life!

Week 3 highlights of sweet Gray's life!

Aunt Ali came for a week to visit...we had some great snuggle time and she was a BIG help to mommy and daddy. Ali also sewed me some ribbon burp cloths that are cute enough to sell in a store! My spit up never looked so good.
Aunt Kiki (Kristin) came to visit and brought me some fun pink Young Life gear (thank you)!I got to wear some of my new clothes (thanks MayMay and Peeps!)
Gramashu came to visit me too...she missed me and had to come to see how much I had changed in the last week. She also brought me some very fun gifts from her "grandma" baby shower at work. Thanks for everything! I visited Dr. Rubin and weighed in a 9lbs. 7 oz! He said I had "exceptional weight gain". I'd say so, since I gained 2 oz. a DAY in the last week! He told me I'd be a 53 lb. one year old if I kept gaining weight at this rate. Mommy and Daddy laughed. But I decided that big babies are cool, so I decided to hit a growth/appetite spurt for two straight days after the visit to Dr. Rubin. I wanted to be sure I stayed in that "exceptional" category. Feed me Mommy!Also this week, Peeps has been cleaning the windows at my house and making them nice and shiny. He sure is a good Peeps. I got to meet Aunt Karen, Uncle Jon & second cousin Emily. And while me, Mommy, and Daddy made a quick diaper run, my silly dog Maggie dragged a turkey carcass out of the trash and decided to eat it on our bright red couch! But I slept through the whole clean up ordeal. The last week sure has been busy and fun!


justin smith said...

wow - what a cute baby!

she'd be even more cute if that gross umbilical cord stump would just fall off.

kelly said...

ya'll just slid the turkey carcass in there with no warning, didn't you. i'll have you know that i had just taken a big gulp of water, reading the innocent little recap of this past week, and all of the sudden...turkey carcass. out of nowhere. that's ok...my keyboard needed "rinsing off."