What a Wiikend!

Saturday night Mil and I got my folks to babysit so Millie could take me out on a birthday date. We were all nervous thinking that Gray would be a pill. Well, Millie fed at 6pm; we were out the door by 7 and seated at Cafe Europa by 7:15. After the requisite Red Oak and Catalina Mussels (Mil had a salad) we went down to Cheesecakes by Alex and picked up a piece of Pecan Sweet Potato Cheesecake and two decaf coffees. We called my folks to check in (expecting the worst) and heard that Gray had slept the whole time and been nothing but a peach. They were about to feed her a bottle. I verbally lowered their expectations for the bottle feed and we went to get a $5 pumpkin from the HT. When we got back we learned that Gray ate (drank) more milk for them than she ever has for me. As Millie would call her: "What a little stinker!"

I woke up Sunday morning (my birthday) to find this:

Millie decided to decorate at the 4:30am feeding.

Grayson gave me the "I {heart} daddy" shirt pictured here. Don't you just want to eat her?

We had some friends over for brunch and pumpkin carving . . . and drilling.

Looks like we're getting ready for lighted-ball season

Millie, Susan, Mamaw, and my folks chipped in to get me a wii (and with the leftover $ I paid for Maggie's vet bill - not as much fun, but both were stress relievers.) Grayson took her first of many trips to Target to help up pick it out.

Me; note the topspin

And lastly, in an effort to wear more Halloween costumes/outfits than any 6 week old in the country . . . (please note the progression of happiness)

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Who eats babies?!?!