100th Zachary Family Reunion

We traveled up to Cashiers, NC this weekend to hang out with my side of the fam in the good ol' family cemetery.

Yep, you read it right, the annual reunion takes place with "all" of our relatives. You'll even see the permanent shelter with picnic tables below, ready for a potluck anytime.

This was Grayson's first trip to Cashiers (for you non-locals, the town is pronounced "cashers" not "cashiers" like the person who checks you out at the Wal-mart). She was written down on the record as the youngest at the reunion until a 6 week old showed up late and stole her spot. She wanted to take him out but I told her he was too cute and to be nice. Below is the living crew of the "#3" descendants. If you click to enlarge the picture below, you'll see the permanent sign at the cemetery that shows the numbers that coordinate with each member of the family. You write the number on your nametag at the reunion so everyone knows who to talk to and who to stay away from (ha).

This motley crew descends from Alexander Zachary, #3, not Dale Earnhardt, as Justin wished. Grayson was pretty excited to meet all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins, and they were even more excited to finally meet her.

My favorite part was the dessert table. Yum. It's hard to beat banana pudding, pound cake (chocolate and vanilla), homemade toffee, peach tart, and blackberry cobbler, even if we did enjoy them sitting among the headstones. And yes, this sweet tooth did take one or two bites of each of these desserts since she couldn't decide on just one!

Funniest things overheard:
- One old guy to the other: "Well, I hope I see you again next year . . . above ground, that is."
- Uncle Mark to the crowd after seeing all the good looking people: "You know, Dad always told us we had to date at least forty miles from home."

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jonathan smith said...

Millie- love this - my mouth is watering from reading that menu.

Justin - if I didn't know you were my own son, I'd say you look jus zactly like you is one un em...

Next year's challenge: make a histogram of all the Zachary first names.

Love, peeps

jonathan smith said...

i wonder if there is a graph jam in there somewhere...like a 'pie chart' of the desserts???

jonathan smith said...

last comment mine - maymay from captain's computer

whitwo said...

Is it just me or did I see Thomas Jefferson's name tag on the board?? Looks like he was a #4 too!