Big Day Today

Grayson's pulling up on everything in the house now. And not just pulling up, but pulling up and over things. If we gave her enough time, I think she would have pulled herself up over this plastic wobbly drawer thing.

She's also gotten a cold in the last couple of days. We didn't want to drop her off at the church nursery and have all the other parents hate us, so Millie went to the early service and I stayed with Gray. She was standing up underneath the kitchen table when she decided to climb up over the crosstie between the table legs and . . . KaThwap!! Girlfriend fell flat on her face. No hands, no arms, all face.

I picked her up (her face still on the ground; her feet still in the air), dabbed a bloody nose and mouth, figured we didn't need to go to the hospital, called Millie and told her we were good ("yes, I'm sure we're good . . . I promise . . . no, her nose isn't crooked").

We sat down and had some blueberries and cheerios, took a nap, and everything was as good as new (except for the fat lip and red marks on her face.)

Grayson said the best part of her day was trying out her new (well . . . borrowed from the Potts) swing. Thanks Potts.

"Swing daddy, swing!"

Note that she keeps both hands on the ropes. She's very safety conscious now.

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jonathan smith said...

Peeps here. Ran over to Percy about 5 pm to return Justin's cordless drill {or check on Grayson after hearing about her faceplant}. Am happy to report all is well; when she saw me her eyes lit up, smiled big, reached to be held, and patted my head. When her Daddy pointed beneath the kitchen table and described how Little Pookie tripped over the crossmember {or rather tried to jump over it] and landed feet up and face down, Granddaughter dearest's upper lip started quivering and I heard a wimper like someone was having a flashback. Grayson, I remember when your Daddy fell out of a tree when he was not too much older than you are now and broke his arm. Days later, cast on your arm, we walked back to Greenway Park. When you saw the tree, you said, "I hate it." Hope all is better now, Love Peeps

Amy Sasser said...

in the words of anna,

on the fall-"uhhh oooo"

on the new swing-"weee"

yes, as long as anna is not swinging this is her response. if she is swinging this is her response, "no, no, no"
grayson, will you come swing in anna's swing and show her how much fun you have? her bunny and baby doll have not convinced her that it is safe.