For Avery and No One Else

Dear Avery,

Your mom told me that you've been trying to sing your Spanish alphabet I taught you. Here's a video to help you out. I noticed that I forgot to say the ~N ("enye") somehow. Ooops. Just squeeze it in there between the "ene" and the "oh".

If I had two dead rats, I'd give you one.

Uncle Hoost


johnathan and ali said...

YOU ARE THE BEST UNCLE HOOSH!!! i am laughing hysterically.. i am sure avery will say "again! again! again!" all day tomorrow to see her uncle hoosh sing. thank you thank you thank you!

johnathan and ali said...

hey hoosh! heeey! i want sing it again mommy. i want hoosh sing it again. i want to see books.. there's Grayson! she's swingin'!-avery

johnathan and ali said...

we went out to dinner last night and our server sang the abc's in espanol for avery and she had the cutest smile on her face like... hey... he knows MY song!!