Cousins, Blocks, and Scones

We had a fun, relaxing weekend here in the 'boro. Avery and Jackson were in town for a short visit. In all the action I didn't capture pictures of the girls, but here's Jackson with Justin. More pictures at Camp Toad Hall.

Grayson has learned how to stack her blocks all by herself. Check out that look of concentration.

And we all had yummy blueberry scones from Cheesecakes by Alex at the market. We've traded in our bare feet for shoes and socks, and our short sleeve shirts for hoodies.

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justin smith said...

Two thoughts:

Jackson and I have the same size head.

Do you think Grayson is going to be an engineer? I couldn't be any prouder.

Anne Smith said...

I think Jackson and Justin do have the same size head and that Grayson will be something cute and cool like her. Thanks for helping with the cuzines at Toad Hall. I don't know what we woulda done without you - love, MayMay

jonathan smith said...

Grayson - when you've been riding in your big jeep jogging stoller (beepbeep, vroomvroom) and then ride in your mini combi, does it feel like going from a hummer to a mini cooper? I tried to get your daddy to get the jogging stroller out of my suburban and take it to you but he was mumbling something unintelligible and I thought I best leave him alone. I'll bring it to you tomorrow. With it folded up in the way back the horn keeps honking; I keep thinking somebody is riding on my bumper.