Your'e Gonna Miss This

If you ask her to blink, she squeezes her eyes shut like it’s a strenuous task, then opens them slowly and smiles at you.

If you ask her what a cow says, she says “mmmmmmmmmm”.

If you ask her where her ‘bee-bo” is, she lifts up her shirt and pinches at the first skin she can find.

If you give her a hat, she tries to put it on her head.

She has one new molar that is freakishly huge, and one more on the way. I’m sure this is normal, but it looks like she has a wad of gum stuck in her mouth.

She attempts to “try on” any piece of cloth she can get her hands on…actual clothes, dish towels, fabric scraps, daddy’s dirty socks, woobies…it all goes over her head, on her shoulders, behind her neck, etc.

She loves to be “gotten”…we say “I’m gonna get you (more like gitchu)” and she speed crawls down the hall and giggles when you tickle her. Or my favorite, when Justin chases her, she lies down on the floor after crawling just to make it clear that its time for him to git her.

When you get her out of her crib after sleeping, she hands you her woobie and expects you to give it a good whiff.

She’s slowly beginning to like whole milk. She chugs it if you give it to her in a sippie cup on her changing table at night. Random.

She loves the bathroom. If you leave the door open, she makes a beeline for it and stands on the side of the tub babbling to her tub toys.

She loves magazines. Like father, like daughter.

She still loves to unload the dishwasher, and now she likes to “help” with laundry too.

When you give her shoes and socks, she lifts up her feet and tries to put them on.

If you sing her a song, when you finish, she smiles and claps for you.

She's been standing for a while now, and also likes to pick things up off the floor while standing and throw them back down.

She’s sucking her thumb like its going out of style. She used to just suck her thumb when she was in her crib or really sleepy. Now it's all the time. And especially when I’m around, she either grabs on to my pant leg or shirt like a woobie and sucks away. Cute, unless I'm trying to fix dinner or do laundry with her attached to my leg. To which Justin always responds "You're Gonna Miss This".

She (finally!) helps put toys back IN the toy bin when she’s done playing.

She’s now signing “more” and “milk” and still, very passionately, signs “all done”.

And new words include...Bye bye, nigh-nigh (night night), ta-ta (for Tacky the Penguin, thanks for the great book uncle will!), cheese (she loves it), nana (for banana), a-na (for her friend anna, which used to be nana but now she's dropped the first "n"), ma-ma (for maggie, a little different than mama for me), dada, jac-sha (for Jackson), ja-ja (for jon-jon as in Uncle John John or her friend baby John), and ma-ma (long a’s here for MayMay).

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Anne Smith said...

ok ok ok so i clicked on the video and now i am crying like a little baby and YES you are going to miss this and so do i and so will i when this little flock of little ones grows up. love, maymay

emily perry said...

me too, me too...i miss when you and ali and seth were little tykes and i look at all the pictures and remember and rejoice at this new generation...love from auntie em