Moving Too Fast..

Sunday, when we picked up Grayson from nursery at church, Mrs. Beth said to me "did you realize these were still attached?". She lifted up Grayson's brown dress and showed me the pair of bloomers still attached by the plastic things from the store, hanging there. Nice, mama. And you might think, oh, easy mistake, if I had just bought the outfit the day before. But no, that dress had been through the wash, the dryer, folded semi-neatly in her drawer, and then put on over her head that morning. Not to mention I put on leggings underneath it and her jacket over top of it. You'd think after touching the thing five or so times, that I'd realize this poofy part in the back was a problem. Once I snipped them off when we got home, Grayson decided to eat them.

Then Monday, Grayson was moving too fast and fell into her book basket. I was cooking in the kitchen and came in to rescue her from this. Of course after running to get the camera.

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Heather said...

the thing about the bloomers still attached to her dress made me laugh out loud!

Heather said...

By the way - c-sections do suck and its nice to know others share the same opinion! I went back and read your posts about your experience - scary! I'm thankful our beautiful babies made it out unharmed!