Happy Birthday Breakfast

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daddy! We love you!!

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Anne Smith said...

I wonder - could she possibly get any cuter - only 3 more days till camp toad hall - yeah. maymay
happy birthday justin - it seems like yesterday you were this size. mom

melanie said...

Happy Birthday Justin.
When I told Charlie it was Justin's birthday,he said "We better eat a cupcake". So we're off to eat a cupcake in honor of you Justin.

Heather said...

Millie - Grayson is the cutest! Travis thinks so, too! I have added you to my "Blogs I Follow" list. I don't know your husband - but Happy Birthday to him :)

Kevin & Amy Sasser said...

Justin, we are thankful for your life and your friendship! Happy Birthday!

Atkinson said...

happy birthday justin!! it is crazy how big grayson is getting..her looks are changing so much!! so adorable!