Christmas continued...in January

After Christmas we had a fun visit from my dad, who used to be Pop-Pop, but has now turned into to a sort of 'Pa-Pa' according to Grayson. He got to witness firsthand her wild side at the park as she continued to enjoy the slide head first instead of feet first. He brought her a new stuffed Mickey Mouse that she adores and calls "ma-ma". Apparently she felt like she was a bit short on words that sounded like "ma-ma" (Mama, MayMay, Maggie, etc.).

Then it was off to Raleigh for a weekend with Gramashu (now "sh-sh"), Mamaw (yet another "ma-ma" with a bit of awwww thrown in to spice it up), and Dampa George. Grayson also finally got to meet Eleanor, Adam, Henry, Max, Chris, and Heather (Dampa's crew) but somehow I didn't pick up my camera over brunch that day. Boo.

Please notice the dog in the picture below. Callie is staring at this stuffed chik-a-dee toy given to Grayson that's on the shelf behind mom. She was obsessed with it, and it was even before she knew it made a chirping sound. But she just stared at it, never tried to tear it apart or even give it a lick. Maggie still hasn't figured that one out at home either. Also notice Grayson staring in complete awe and wonder at "baby's new diaper bag", aka plastic wipes, powder, spoon, bowl, sippy cup, etc. etc. etc..all for her baby. Big hit Gramashu, big hit.
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