Speed Blogging

Snow day. Loved: her thumb, frisky maggie, marching around on the snow. Didn't Love: touching the snow with her bare hands . . . but also putting her mittens back on - go figure.

MLK Day Off. Loved: reading in the fort, sitting in the fort, rolling around in the fort, chewing on crayons. Didn't Love: when I told her to stop chewing the crayons.

Bird Watching at the Park. Loved: seeing the Turducken (or whatever it is), chasing the "duh duh", throwing bread like a boy. Didn't Love: when I ran off and leftt her and Millie for dead when a goose tried to snatch some bread out of my hand.
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Whitney Hannam said...

Gotta love the picassa "blogage!" Looks like you guys are living it up over there in Historic Aycock! Ollie would love that fort, maybe he can come check it out someday and bring along his tent.