Thanks Shu-Shu!

Welcome to our house Kitchen Helper! Gramashu ordered this fun little gadget so I can wash Gray's hands without breaking my back and so she can help with all things kitchen. Although it looks like it in the picture, I haven't trained her yet on washing dishes, but boy would that be a fun trick. I just gave her the plate and spoon so she'd stand still for the picture. It has 3 different heights so it can adjust as she grows, it pulls right up next to the counter, has a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other, and best of all, it folds up to only about 7 inches wide. What a fun gift!

It also doubles as a fort.

And also from Shu-Shu, her very own pair of bubblegum pink Converse One-Stars. I tell you, it doesn't get much cuter than these. We sure are thankful for grandparents that spoil us! (and yes, her feet really are that big. her right foot is a full half inch longer than her left, so she wears a size 6 in these and a 7 in her other shoes!)
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justin smith said...

and p.s. - she has sweaty feet. gross.

Big sweaty feet, just like her daddy. That ought to keep the boys away.

Atkinson said...

love the shoes!! i wonder what people would say if put those on mac..hmmm?? that is such a cool little kitchen helper..hope she learns to wash those dishes soon!

Amy Sasser said...

Love the kitchen helper. Much safer than the chair we use for Anna. Several times I have been afraid of her falling. Hmmm. And Justin, Anna too has those sweaty feet (and big feet I might add) that she comes by honestly from her daddy. Oh well, not everything passed on is necessarily good. Right?!