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For starters, Justin has rules about blogging...do it often, include lots of pictures, and don't write too much text. I'm breaking the last two rules. I got tagged by Mavis to list 7 strange things about myself. Before I get to the list, I just have to say that it's crazy that I got tagged for this. I found a link to Mavis' blog when I googled for instructions on sewing a hooter hider. The hooter hider was a big success, and in the process I got hooked on checking Mavis' blog occasionally because she sews, cooks yummy things, and her kids are stinkin' cute. She also writes really funny blog posts. And in the process of me commenting on her blog, she checked out our blog, and commented there herself (I'm pretty amazed at how blogs connect people). So I just cracked up when I checked in on her (congrats on the new baby girl btw if you read this Mavis, her middle name is one of our favorites!), and I saw that she tagged me as "some girl named millie because I can tell she is strange already". I'd like to think that she saw my uniqueness in my blog posts, but in reality, it's Justin who writes all of the funny posts. But I proofread so that must count for something...

7 Strange things about me in no particular order...

1. I still sleep with a woobi (aka blanket). And yes, I'm 28 and have a 5 month old child. Justin keeps asking what I will do when Grayson wants to sleep with mommy's woobi. And I keep telling him that mommy's going to tell her kindly to go get her own.

2. I worked promoting physical activity and good nutrition but I have a weakness for skittles, sweet tarts, and any other sugary sweet/sour candy. But I also recently gave it all up because my last dentist appointment was not too pretty.

3. I love to watch people and wonder about their lives. I think it all started when my grandmother would take me to the mall as a kid and we would get Icees and sit on a bench watching people. Now Justin gives me the "good people watching seat" at restaurants so I can check out the crowd and wonder who is on their first date and who is related.

4. I always wonder about characters in movies after the movie has ended. Like at the end of The Holiday I asked Justin, "do you think they got married?". He answered sarcastically "yes", and I said "I think they did too". He says he has more examples but we'll leave it there.

5. I took calculus in college while majoring in zoology but I've quit doing fractions and basic math since we've been married. Justin does all the math, even when I need to half or double recipes. It's just easier that way, and faster really.

6. I have the wingspan of someone a foot taller than me. Supposedly if you hold your arms out to the sides and measure fingertip to fingertip, it should equal your height. Mine's off. My arms measure over 6ft, and I'm only 5'8'' (ok, so I know I just said I stopped doing basic math, but I do know this differences is not really a foot).

7. A couple of Christmases ago, Santa brought me a gift wrap organizer that hangs on the back of a door. I squealed "yes!" and pumped my fist into the air like it was the best gift under the tree (it was). It kindly combined two of my loves: tying bows and ribbons on gifts and organization.

Ok, so that's me and now I get to tag others...I choose Melanie, Amy, Becca, Kelly, Whitney, and Cole. Tag you're it.

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Bunnie said...

Millie - You are funny! And I love the 7 weird things. When is Justin doing his? Love, MayMay