Woobies and Funny Ladies

Grayson got her first chance to snuggle with Mil's woobi. She liked it until her hand got caught in one of the gaping holes.

I was in charge of the outfit above. It was kinda hot in our house yesterday so I rolled up her pants and sleeves to show off her chicken legs and arms . . . and turned her bib around to make a cape.

Tonight, in order to help Mil in her effort to hide all hooters this side of the Mississippi, the three of us went to Hobby Lobby. The old lady cutting Mil's fabric was nice and showered Grayson with compliments, then went on to tell us about her own grandkids, part of which went like this:

"Well, I just loooove my grandkids. Now I won't just get naked for anything, but I'd get naked and push a peanut down the street for my grandson . . . and I'd give him thirty minutes to gather up a crowd."

Wow. Three thoughts came to mind: 1) The obvious, "ewe, gross" 2) I can't imagine who would ask her to do such a thing and 3) I don't think her grandson would gather up a crowd. Anyway, she was really sweet and told us to have a blessed day and taught us a little (too much) about unconditional love.
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Hutch & Meg said...

I probably would have never posted about my blankie, if I hadn't read yours first. Apparently we're not alone! I've heard from several friends that they have a secret blankie who went to the hospital with them too.