Big News!

Grayson cut her first tooth today! Well, we at least see it (barely, pictures will have to come later) and feel it today for the first time. We've been using "she must be teething" as an excuse for any random fussy days or obsessions with stuffing things into her mouth in the past month or two. We should have known that it would actually happen without much of a fuss to speak of.

In other news...yes, we do still have our dog maggie, even though she doesn't get blogged about very often. Excuse her pose in this picture, but she said she wanted to be like grayson and play on her back so someone would please, please pay more attention to her.

Aunt kiki came to visit last friday! She got to stay for dinner and bathtime, which is always fun. And she brought grayson two new books, Gossie and Ten Little Ladybugs, which are definitely new favorites. We sure missed uncle eric but he will have to come next time...

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