Cute New Video of Grayson

Ok, I lied.

Morningstar does such a good job of explaining the falling dollar (cause/effect, cost/benefit) that I thought it was worth it to post this little video.

I'd say "it's well worth your next four minutes", Millie would say "it's Boooorrrrrring!!"


millie smith said...

what a tease! i'll have to post a cute new video of grayson just to make our blog viewers happy. thanks pat, for being so excited about teaching us on the falling dollar. dorks mcdork.

Anonymous said...

Justin, looking forward to meeting you in Chicago, later, Pat D

justin smith said...

I know, I can't wait. Mille's pretty sure I'm going to something similar to a Star Trek convention . . . and I haven't done much to tell her she's wrong.

I told her last night that CarMax is going to be presenting. She said something like "that's cool, you love them, right?" but I think I caught a faint "don't forget your Spock ears" under her breath.

Well, I didn't earn the pet name Dorks McDork for nothing.

"Live Long and Prosper"