A week in the life...

Starting at the top, left to right...
gramashu came to play on her spring break
mama made me butternut squash and yellow squash
my friend maddie and me ate dinner together (note that i've learned to smile at the camera which makes my mama happy)
we played with our daddies in our pink pants
i watched mama sew burpies for my new cousin on-the-way
daddy filed my nails and i filed my teeth
maggie licked me as usual
mama stuck me in the toy box and i loved it
gramashu came to play again! we went to the park
we had more friends over for dinner and we played in our dining room. mama forgot to get pictures of the whole crew.
daddy gave me all of my baths
i chewed on my favorite rabbit's feet
i took some naps on my tummy and slept really well
i ate (and loved) the butternut squash and some prunes too!
also, not pictured...
my grandpa came to see me for just a minute on his way to the mountains
my maymay stopped by for a quick visit too (i just missed my peeps before a nap)
daddy told me carolina lost twice in one game...the perfect ending to the perfect week
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melanie said...

Mmm...look at those yummy prunes. She sure is a smiley girl! So cute.