Weekend (Part 2)

Weekend naps are the best. Especially when you're sucking your left thumb, on your left side, with your sleep sack in your right hand held up to your face like a woobi (aka blankie). Apparently the woobi-loving gene was passed down successfully. (and yes, justin snapped this picture of our video monitor during her nap)

We went to Charlie's 3-year-old birthday party on Sunday. This was the "1 and under" crowd plus Charlie on the couch. There were twice as many in the "over 1" crowd and we had lots of fun!

Happy birthday Charlie! We all gave him the bug catcher. Justin gave him the jar full of worms (!) in dirt. I said, "are you sure?" in response to the idea. Justin said "come on, he only turns three once and he loves bugs!" But of course I was elected to purchase the critters at Wal-Mart alongside my box of diapers. Ewe.

Our friends Brad, Amy, and baby John also moved to town over the weekend. After the party we fed Grayson dinner and then went to their new house. Needless to say, she was sleepy on the way home that night! (and so were we!)
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jonathan smith said...

Charlie - any day now the lightning bugs will appear; really they're not "bugs" they're "beetles," but no one calls them lightning beetles. Anyways, when the lightning bugs come out (seriously, they could come out tomorrow) your momma and dad will let you stay up one hour later than usual bedtime just so you can fill up your new bug catcher. Happy Birthday Charlie!. Peeps.

melanie said...

Charlie is loving the beetle that Justin caught for his bug catcher that he named "Pause".