Dedication Day

We dedicated Grayson at church today with her girlfriends (three other little girls from our small group). Here are some of the highlights:

She got to wear girly clothes. After only two months of being stubborn about what she'd wear, I caved in and let Mil dress her in tights, pink patent leather shoes, and a hairbow. Millie caved and let me dress her in non-frufru (Millie made) dress. I think we both won. For those of you who weren't there, she chewed on her right shoe the whole time we were on stage . . . while it was on her foot.

She got to see her Aunt (not really) Kiki and Uncle Eric. Don't let the picture fool you; this was about the only second she didn't cry while they were holding her. Sad.

After everyone (Grammashu and Granpa George, Granpa Jon, Great Mamaw, Great Aunt Karen, Kiki and Eric) left, Mil set about to doing her favorite thing in the world. Grayson doesn't really like to be held for too long, but when she does, Mil takes full advantage for 'snuggle time.'

Maymay and Peeps couldn't be there because they were welcoming our new little nephew, Jackson Edward North, into the world. They stopped by on Friday though and Grayson seemed to reassure them that she loved them anyways.
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jonathan smith said...

Brian sent us a photo of you on stage. It made us both cry real tears. We love you and are so sorry we missed this momentus occasion. Love, MayMay and Peeps

melanie said...

What?! You made that cute dress? I didn't know that! Grayson, you have a talented mommy!
So honored to share this special day with you all and the rest of our NC "family".

Matt Hannam said...

OMG, I am not surprised that you made that darling little ditty that your girly wore today, man you have skills! You need to sell that stuff!! It was fun watching ya'll dedicate Grayson today, she is so sweet.

Let's hang out soon,